Disability coverage for attorneys

I specialize in helping attorneys in small offices find cost effective solutions for paying the bills when the principal is sick or hurt and cannot work.

Why should you have disability insurance?
If you had an asset worth potentially millions of dollars, would you insure it?
If an attorney’s average compensation is $100,000 (a conservative estimate) over a 40-year work life, their ability to go to work is worth $4,000,000! Since statistics from the Social Security Administration indicate that somewhere between 1 out of 4 and 1 out of 3 workers will be disabled for a significant period of time, doesn’t it make sense to protect that paycheck?

Frequently the cost of 3 disability insurance policies is less than the cost of a single policy on the principal, particularly when the principal is a lady.

The reason this is true is that all things being equal, disability insurance for ladies is more than for men. I help find ways to mitigate this while not sacrificing any coverage.

Things to consider when the principal of a firm gets sick or hurt and cannot work:

  1. How will the personal expenses of the head of the firm get paid?
  2. How will contributions to a retirement plan for the principal get funded?
  3. How will the law offices bills (rent, salaries, etc.) get paid?
  4. If there is a buy-sell agreement in place, what happens if the managing partner is sick or hurt and cannot work, how does the agreement get funded?

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