Who do I serve?

  • Retirees: People who want to spend their golden years with their children and grandchildren instead of managing their investments and financial plan. Sometimes these folks want to be remembered in generations to come and want to leave a legacy.
  • Homestretchers: These are folks in their late forties and early fifties who are in the homestretch to retirement. They know that one day they want to stop working and to enjoy the fruits of a long working life.
  • Small Business Owners: they wish to attract and retain quality employees. Also they wish to one day transition the business to their chosen successor and want a plan for doing that.
  • Parents who wish to save efficiently for the children's education.
  • People who wish make sure if they are suddenly out of the picture, their family would not have to deal with financial burdens while they are dealing with their grief.
  • People who don't wish to worry about how the bills will be paid if they get sick or hurt and can't work.